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SUPERCHARGE your Social Marketing Strategy with the first CRM that lives where your prospects and customers do -- on Facebook™.

Stop Losing Leads, Sales And Customers Because Your Facebook™ Pages, Groups And Messages Are A Mess! 

Get the Ultimate Solution to Organize and Track Your Community's Activity

  • Invite Your Team

    Invite your Group Admins to your Team Account and enjoy granular security and realtime data synchronization. Know who did what and keep your Team accountable.

  • Works Everywhere

    Access CRM details from within Facebook™ via our Chrome Extension, or any time using our web app! All synced in real time.

  • Track Your People

    Track Leads and Customers anywhere in Facebook™, even in Groups you don't own!

  • Messenger Snippets

    Create dynamic templates for commonly used chat messages. Easily start and nurture conversations that lead to meaningful engagement and sales!

  • Save Group Request Answers

    Never lose Member Request information again! Approve pending members, capture their answers and add them to your CRM with a single click!

  • Integrations *

    Automatically sync members, notes, contact info, and other details from GroupTrack to your favorite auto-responder to start emailing your prospects immediately. No manual step needed. (Current: Facebook™, Kartra, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Google Sheets, More to Come!)

  • Capture Everything

    Record Tags, Notes, Group Membership Details, Posts, Comments, Tasks and More Quickly and Easily.

  • Rinse & Repeat Process Flow

    Use our fully customizable Stage Tracking system to know where each member is within your unique sales and customer retention cycle.

  • Built-in Follow Up *

    Create Tasks with reminders so you know what to do when. View all tasks in an organized timeline so you can plan for what's coming up.

  • Unlimited Groups *

    Register as many Groups as you want and harness the power of GroupTrack in each one. Again, you don't need to own the Groups you register!

* Not available on all plans

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Basic Premier Pro
Monthly price $57 $97 $157
Contacts, Groups and Teams
Contact Limit 5,000 10,000 25,000
Registered Groups 10 50 Unlimited
Included Team Members 0 2 5
Works Everywhere on Facebook™
Tag Contacts Dynamically
Track Sales Process using Custom Stages
One-click Approval of Group Member Requests
Store Group Entry Questions & Answers
Auto-extract Email Addresses from Answers
Send Pre-Written "Snippets" via Messenger
Log Notes, Email & Phone Call Activities
Create Followup Tasks with Reminders
Tag Contacts in a Comment in Bulk
Data Exports & 3rd Party Integrations
Send Bulk Messages (coming soon)
Post Tracking (coming soon)

Contacts over 25,000 can be purchased in blocks of 10,000 for $15/month


Additional Team Members can be added to any plan for $10/month each

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Account FAQs

  • i. How do I manage my account?

    After you get signed up, you can access your billing account via our web app's Profile & Settings page by clicking ""Manage Plan". This will bring you to your self-service billing portal where you can make changes to your plan or payment information.

  • ii. Is there a free plan or trial?

    We currently offer a 5-day free trial on our Basic Plan. If you cancel within the trial period you will not be charged at all for your subscription.

2. Security FAQs

  • i. Is my data secure?

    Yes. Your data is encrypted both in transit and at rest on GroupTrack CRM's servers. Only you and team members you specify are able to access data about your CRM contacts.

  • ii. Does this violate other websites' terms of service?

    No. GroupTrack CRM integrates with other systems in accordance with their terms of service. Specifically, through our verified status as a Tech Provider with Facebook™, you are entitled to share data with us that you have permission to access. We do not scrape data or otherwise obtain data without your manual initiation and on a per-Contact or per-Group basis. Please see our full FAQ page for further details.

3. Billing FAQs

  • i. How do you handle cancellations?

    Per our terms, if you cancel your account will remain active through the end of the currently paid period, and which point it will not renew.

  • ii. What if my credit card expires?

    Your account will become "past due" and you will receive email reminders alerting you to this status and asking you to update your payment method on file. Our system will attempt to charge you 4 times, at which point your account will become "unpaid". If you resolve your payment issue before the 4th try, your account will go back to an active state. If you become "unpaid", you will need to contact support to get reactivated.

4. Support FAQs

  • i. Where can I find support for GroupTrack?

    We offer free Live support in our Facebook Group on a weekly basis in addition to other content and Units there. You will also receive a link to a free training course after signing up.

  • ii. I have a Feature Request or Suggestion.

    We love user feedback, which directly affects our roadmap and feature planning. If you would like to see a feature added to GroupTrack, please submit it here!

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